• Image of ORANGE MOUND: A Novel by Jay Fingers (Paperback)

“Our story starts in a town that was not tame. There was no laws, things were insane …”

Ant Sanford has quit the hustle. He was never a major player in Memphis’s illegal drug trade, but he’s still leaving the streets behind to pursue a lifelong dream. And after a harrowing experience during a police raid, Ant truly decides he’s had enough. He has designs on living a legitimate life, and his desire to do so only strengthens once he meets the lovely Tuffy Shaw.

Tuffy is a smart, sexy, gorgeous hairdresser who’s also looking to make changes in her life. She starts by dumping her slimy boyfriend. And when one of the city’s most notorious gangsters offers to fund the opening of her beauty shop, Tuffy accepts the terms. But at what cost?

When Ant and Tuffy meet, sparks immediately fly. Yet the ghosts of their pasts won’t stop haunting them. Ant’s best friend Cornelius is trying to lure him back into the game. Ex-flame Reid continually attempts to force his way back into Tuffy’s life. And what of the beautiful yet psychotic enforcer Gigi Garcia? Everyone’s paths will eventually cross, and nothing will ever be the same again.

Inspired by the titular Memphis, Tennessee, neighborhood in which author Jay Fingers grew up, and brimming with drama, suspense, humor, and romance, ORANGE MOUND is a quirky, irreverent take on the genre of urban fiction.